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Our Advisers


Rupert Preece joined Prime Time Financial in 2019 and continues to focus on helping those in the second half of life, where there are key decisions to be made needing sensitive guidance. He has an in-depth investment trading background.

Peter Lawrence

Peter Lawrence set up Prime Time Financial in 2010, and the business has steadily grown since then. He has now taken a step back from day to day involvement and is no longer a registered adviser, although continues to provide support in the background.

Our Support Staff

Lucy Dyer

Lucy Dyer is our invaluable personal assistant in the office. Her background is in pensions administration, but she is now our mainstay in dealing with all types of product and provider. Lucy collects the information we need when reviewing a client’s portfolio, as well as arranging the changes to investments and other products that clients request.

From a regulatory perspective Prime Time Financial is part of Keystone Financial Ltd which provides oversight to us and other advisers around the country.