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How we work

These are the main steps we go through to provide our services in most cases.

An initial meeting is normally held at your home, when we will briefly explore what you are asking for. It is an opportunity for you to see if you can work with the adviser and for us to be sure that we can help you. After that we will be able to send you an Engagement Letter which summarises what we propose to do, and what the fees would be.

If you decide to go ahead we will then ask for various financial and other information about you. This gives us the full picture of your situation and enables us to make  recommendations. We may also ask for your permission to talk to providers of your existing products such as pensions.

Much of our time is spent at the next stage when we consider your circumstances, and research your options for improving your situation. That might include researching a new financial product which we do using the various tools at our disposal. Our advice is recorded in an Advice Report, which we send to you and then follow up with a meeting to ensure that you understand our recommendations.

If the advice includes a new product we will arrange that for you, providing forms and dealing with the provider(s) on your behalf.

For investments and most pension products we are best able to help you if we provide you with an ongoing advice service. This includes a review provided on an annual basis which ensures that an investment continues to perform as well as possible, and remains in line with your financial objectives.

Our services